We’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go

What We Do

Identify your values and assess your financial situation

Build a financial plan that is easy to follow

Provide assistance to meet your ongoing needs

  • Free Consultation Call
  • Thorough Documentation Review and Needs Analysis
  • Series of In-Depth Topic Calls
  • Customized Financial Plan
  • Assist with Plan Implementation
  • One-on-one Support


Basic Plan

1% of AGI, capped at:

  • Reach your savings goals
  • Make the most of your benefits
  • Create a budget you'll stick to
  • Review credit report and analyze spending habits

  • Review current debts and create a custom payoff plan

  • Help you create a budget that fits your personal needs

  • Review tax withholding and help you update W4 form

  • Help you find a credit card, checking and savings account that fit your lifestyle

  • Conduct a thorough employee benefits review

Standard Plan

Flat Rate

  • Track your retirement savings
  • Analyze your insurance coverage
  • Review your estate plan

All basic plan services +

  • Analyze your retirement needs and help you get on track

  • Review your insurance coverage and assist you with reducing your risk

  • Review your estate documents, target any gaps, and refer you to an attorney who can assist

  • Discuss tax planning objectives and assist you with finding all possible deductions

  • Assist you with planning a major non-real estate purchase like a vehicle or major vacation

Complex Plan

Flat Rate

  • Manage your student loans
  • OR
  • Purchase your first home

All of the basic and standard plan services +

  • Review your student loan debt and help you set up a repayment plan or assist you with refinancing


  • Assist you with planning for and purchasing a first home

Ultimate Plan

  • Purchase another home
  • OR
  • Plan for self-employment

All of the basic and standard plan services +

  • Assist you with purchasing an investment or vacation property


  • Educate you on the ins and outs of becoming a freelancer

Ongoing Follow-Up Availble

$300 / quarter

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Ongoing Planning Services
  • Three, 30-Minute Phone Calls



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