Basic Plan - $750

  • Design a budget that fits your personal needs
  • Create a custom debt payoff plan
  • Analyze tax withholding and update W4 form
  • Maximize credit card rewards and bank accounts
  • Review employee benefits package

Standard Plan - $1500

All basic plan services +

  • Fund a major financial goal (non-real estate)
  • Reduce risk with adequate insurance coverage
  • Protect assets with proper estate planning
  • Find all possible tax deductions and credits
  • Calculate retirement stability

Complex Plan - $2000

All basic and standard plan services +

  • Assess your student loan repayment options


  • Purchase a primary residence

Implementation & Ongoing Planning - $450 / quarter

  • Help you implement your plan
  • Monthly call and email follow up
  • Ongoing planning services
Features Basic Standard Complex
Create Budget
Review Credit Report
Make Savings Plan
Maximize Rewards / Interest
Optimize Employee Benefits
Update W4 Withholding
Insurance Analysis
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Goal Funding
Student Loan Repayment Plan
Home Purchase Plan

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