Sphynx Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Professional Millennials

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes money to make money”? Traditional financial advisors only serve clients with $250,000+ in investable assets, but what if you need help with the basics?

Our Mission

We started Sphynx Financial Planning in 2017 to reach under-served markets – particularly Generation Y. We believe everyone deserves the chance to achieve financial freedom. Click here to see how the process works.

Buy a House

Looking to buy a primary residence? Look no further. We're home buying experts.

Create a Budget

Find out where your money goes each month and reset your spending habits to align with your values and goals.

Attack Student Loan Debt

Are your student loans holding you hostage? We'll help you break free.

Ongoing Planning

You don't have to DIY - we'll help you implement your plan. We also offer additional assistance and ongoing planning!

Our Values

Going green is not only good for the world, it's good for your wallet. We utilize environmentally-friendly business practices.
Diversity is beautiful. We are a woman-owned business and we support inclusion for people of all races, faiths, and orientations
Animals are our friends. We offer financial planning services for cat people, dog people, and any other animal lovers.
Creativity and growth are essential. We engage in continuing education and other learning opportunities to better support you.
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